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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Know you like from Twitter

twitter button, Medai Social Network
Before I get an answer from you first I will answer this.

1. I like the twitter design of a simple but contain many extraordinary admiration which every person can also change the design of each page twitternya - each, in the background, the color design in a very easy, especially with a funny picture of a bird perch above. how to you?

2. I like the ease of filling in the content. I also here and you can fill in only 140 Character content. Which is only to fill in the "Hi .. How Are, Thank Following to me .. it is very useful to add in content. In addition, content can also be filled with ads Twtad and there is no objection to it.

3. I like the ease of search FOLLOWER because there are no special tricks, we can easily to be able to connect with someone who I, without limitation, and what you.

4. I like the things that can increase online revenue and Twitter can provide us with the tide, of course, ad there website the ad is that there is cooperation with braided twitter. In case this is Twitad.

5. I also love that twitter has many friends and that is integrated with each - each of which has a distinctive intensity: Twittad, TweeterGetter, / twitter, tweetlater, CelebrityTweet, Tweettree, etc.

6. I also would prefer if you become follers me and I will also certainly become FOLLOWER you  

Ok that's my first answer, and therefore I wish to make a special blog about twiter. what then of your answers

By : M. Syukri Azhari |