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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Introduction Site Social Media Network.

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Twitter is a site that provides services to the public to be able to interact in a short but dense. Twitter also is one of the many other Media Social Network, but different because the site is the twitter micro blog that allows users to publish short messages (max 140 characters) that is intended for both public and private for the course.

First introduced me to this site, I get it from a friend who called Bilmantasya a forum of business without capital or free business (not want to advertise your business, but for those who may be interested in how to join here! He.. he..).

Twitter is a Social Media Network was able to penetrate the world market with the increased those who join in this site are not only used by the users of classes but also the celebrity world to join therein. I as a user classes are very - very happy to see it all turns out in the bottom of Twitter as I can be with anyone and anywhere from the. Wherever there are no distance limitations, space and time. The only obstacle that I face at this time is with the language because of the limited knowledge I use in English was minimal.

in the Sociality search, only on twitter I think it's very easy just by pressing the button Follow the items to be automatically Following and not how long most of them to be Followers for U. Even have also software that can find many of our followers. Try to compare if we join with the society blog than twitter. Do not hope they will come if we become Follower web/blog that we have not yet content quality especially if there was only short messages.

So that has not joined the Social Network this, do not be afraid to join yach. You can have many pursuivant even though the content of the first ring you "Hi .. How are you all" continue this week or a month you no updates the contents. He .. he ..

By : M. Syukri Azhari |